Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Worldwide Electricity Leader EDF Choses Ivalua Buyer V8 to Organize Its Tendering Procedures at Group Level

With more than 150,000 workers and 37 million clients over all landmasses, EDF, overall power pioneer from era to transport and dissemination, has chosen to put its confide in Ivalua Buyer V8. The most recent form of Ivalua's e-buying programming will deal with its obtainment process, from the taking care of procurement appeals to the interview, transaction, attribution and finish stages including the signature of the agreement.

EDF's objective was to overhaul its e-acquiring device by providing for it a Group measurement and seeking after the improvement of its buying procedure.

Ivalua Buyer 8 will give the assembly's purchasers and influencers with a synergistic device permitting them to oversee and track the buying methodology while offering its suppliers a referencing entry where contract archives and interview reports will be accessible.

In the end, over 5,000 purchasers and influencers and countless suppliers will utilize Ivalua Buyer 8 consistently.

"Our interesting Flex Saas usage methodology keeps on being a key differentiator to our clients to win such bargains."

also in Europe. Ivalua offers a complete and measured suite coating the entire Spend Management range, from the vital side to the transactional and the logical sides also. Focusing on worldwide medium to vast size organizations, Ivalua has effectively executed more than 150 undertakings around the world, over 12 separate divisions, and is utilized day by day by 150,000 clients and 500,000 suppliers from more than 70 nations in 15 separate dialects.

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